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Email scandal rallies web climate sceptics

A TRICK is an action undertaken to fool, outwit or deceive. It is also a special technique — a knack or special way of doing something.

Tweet on the books

"TWEET", the word for sharing thoughts and comments over the net, has entered the latest edition of the Macquarie Dictionary, despite a failed attempt by Twitter's founders to trademark it.

So Shiskin was on to something after all

Pop those champagne corks because it's official: Julius Shiskin has decided it's all systems go.

A Malison On The Niddering Who Vilepend These Fine Words

Just because a word is rarely used is no reason to discard it from a dictionary. IN ENGLAND, a campaign has begun to save endangered words. The words might not make it into a new Collins Dictionary, and have been placed on a doubtful list. They have been pushed more
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